Introducing Maria Bryan Creative

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Things are looking a little different around here, huh?

Welcome to this brand new website! Five months ago I took a huge leap from working in-house in nonprofit communications for many years to starting my own nonprofit communications business. Maria Bryan Creative’s mission is to make the world a better place through telling stories. More specifically, we help overwhelmed nonprofit communicators (whether it’s in their title or not) to reach their communications and fundraising goals by providing effective strategy, streamlined editorial planning, and compelling content.

I hope you find this new site much easier to navigate for getting the communications help you need, understanding why we think stories are meaningful, and full of nonprofit communications resources.

We should celebrate, right? If you want to support Maria Bryan Creative, here are a few ways you can do so.

Join our email list! I’ll be sending out few but meaningful emails with communications resources and freebies, and an occasional promotion. So if nonprofit communications and fundraising is your thing, I would love for you to keep in touch. If you sign up over the next few months, I’ll send you a free social media planning calendar.

Tell your nonprofit people. It would be so helpful if you shared this website with nonprofits that could use communications help, whether that’s outsourcing a project, helping to organize their department, or bringing their communications and marketing to the next level with a dynamic strategy.  

Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ll be giving away all kinds of nonprofit communications tips and tricks.

I know that you can get a whole lot of communications help through a quick Google search. This website and blog will offer you something different. I will be digging deep into what challenges nonprofit communicators, marketers, and fundraisers face, and give you the support and resources you need to thrive. Why? Because your job is crucial to the wellbeing of your organization. And your organization is making the world a healthier, safer, cleaner, and happier place.  

Stories are meaningful. Thank you for joining us.

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