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What people are saying

“Renaissance woman” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Maria. There are many talents and areas of expertise that she has been able to bring to the numerous projects we have worked on together. She is passionate and committed to fighting health disparities and have no doubt that she would bring that same enthusiasm to any project.

- Nicole Bannister, Public Health Specialist

Maria is really good at what she does. She is an expert in social media trends, and has pushed us to think outside of the box to reach the people that need to know our message. I would recommend her to any nonprofit wanting to bring their communications to the next level.

- Joan Peckolick, Self Chec Director & Founder

It’s a relief to know our communications is in good hands. Maria is able to communicate our mission and keeps us better connected with our families. When we turned over our website to Maria, our traffic tripled.

- Angela Manzueta, Books & Rattles, Inc Co-Owner and Executive Director

I can attest that Maria's gift as a storyteller has been instrumental in helping the Health Center grow. The strength in her writing has elevated the stories and struggles of underserved communities and inspires one to act. I highly recommend connecting with her to fulfill your communication needs.

- Bonnie Tse, CBWCHC Communications Coordinator