Communications strategy and writing for nonprofits
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Maria Bryan

I’m a digital marketing strategist and content marketing writer for nonprofits, and founder of Maria Bryan Creative. I have ten years of experience in marketing communications in the public sector, working with truly incredible people who make a difference in health, education, and social justice. I have a master’s degree in public administration and a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Nonprofit marketing is how I reconcile my love for storytelling with my passion for public service.

For years, I was an overwhelmed nonprofit marketer. I was a one-woman show, managing everything from CEO speaking points to large outreach and fundraising campaigns, enforcing communications workflows and brand consistency with hundreds of staff, banging out newsletters as close to on-time as possible, and getting out the day’s tweet.

I loved my job, but I know how challenging it can be. If you are a nonprofit marketer, you are my people, and I’m here to support you.


 Stories are meaningful.


Mission and Values

Stories create world changers. I have seen firsthand how people receive a story and dedicate their lives to a cause. And these world changers create stories of their own. I am passionate about telling these stories, about weaving together narrative and images into pieces that generate movers and shakers. I live to tell those stories so powerful that listeners and readers cannot contain their excitement, their enthusiasm, their anger, so therefore they must do something about it.  

In telling stories, we create change. It’s how we take part in making this place better. Storytellers play such an incredible role in making the world a healthier, safer, cleaner, and happier place.

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